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Teen Drivers Ed $375 (+3% PP Fee)


($11.25 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pay on PP Link above to complete Teen Drivers Ed enrollment (along with application). The Teen course includes 32 class hours during any summer teen drivers ed course selected and 14 hours (12 sessions required) of in car instruction completed after the Teen gets their permit (one time fee of $16.99 online scheduling fee required after permit). Texas Teens must keep their permit for 6 months before taking the driving test. 

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. Our office hours are 5pm -8pm Monday through Wednesday. Email us at www.elitedriving.ed@gmail.com. 

Elite Drivers Ed in Humble

2325 Atascocita Rd #E103 Humble TX 77396




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Teen Course Options

Texas Teen Course $375 (or 4 payments of $100)

Teen drivers ed students completing their classroom instruction.

 This course is recommended for Teens. All Teens must complete the Texas requirements of 32 hours of classroom instruction and 14 hours of in-car instruction. This course includes both! Class hours listed by class times and in car hours will be scheduled after Teen gets Permit from DPS. 

Atascocita Course $280 (In Car Only) - Transfers


So you started drivers ed somewhere else and you want Elite to do the In Car 14 hours of Instruction,  then this course is perfect for you. This course is the In-Car instruction without the Classroom instruction. This option is perfect for families transferring from Parent Taught, Online or another Driving School. Simply gather your Transfer certificate and 32 Hours Classroom completion record to enroll.   

Humble Course $175 Classroom Instruction Only

Teens learning to drive with 32 class hours of drivers ed instruction.

Your Teen has broken her foot or you are moving across State next Month and you just want your Teen to start learning the principles of Safe Driving, then you have come to the right course. This course satisfies the 32 hours of class Instruction portion of Teen Drivers Ed. It does not include any in-car instruction. This course is perfect for Teens requiring a special vehicle modification or accommodation to drive due to a physical disability.

More Teen Options

Online Instruction (with Online Partner)

Get teen permit or drivers license online. Teen drivers ed online.

Complete the classroom portion of Drivers Ed Online with Aceable, then complete your driving / in car instruction in person with Elite Driving School for a convenient price. Contact us if you have questions about taking your class online with Aceable and your Driving Instruction with Elite Driving School at 281-446-2608.

Driving Test $155

Driving Tests avaialable at Elite. Teens can take the DPS Skills Test with Elite Driving School.

Skip the long wait at the DPS and schedule your Driving Test with Elite. Teens ages 16 and up can take the Driving Skills Test with us. No need to borrow a vehicle because you use our vehicle for the driving Test. We test weekly and there is no wait list.  

Driving Test Prep Course $75

Take your driving test with Elite

Unsure if you are ready for the driving test, then try your skills out with our experience Road Test Examiner. Take a sample driving test and see if you are ready for the official driving Test. Take the anxiety out of the Road Test with a .30 minute practice test.  

We provide the Best Teen Drivers Ed Experience!

Our Goal

Teen driving instruction at Elite Driving School. Teen drivers ed.

Our goal is to Teach Teens to drive safely in a Student focused interactive learning environment. Since we opened our doors in 2011, we've focused on helping people drive safely. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with students in our classroom and in our vehicles. We provide a nurturing, safe and convenient driver’s ed program for Teens. We teach Teens of different ages, backgrounds, and academic abilities.

We Appreciate our Teens!


We go the extra mile to show our appreciation for our Teens and their families. Teens choosing Elite Driving School enjoy:

  1. Teen Permit Pizza Party on last day of 32 hour class.
  2. Cash Prizes for Attendance, Participation and Safe Driving Art Projects.
  3. In Car Drive Scheduling fairness guarantee. Log on during scheduling time and schedule a lesson.
  4. Conceirge options that expedite all service processing times. 
  5. Great Teachers who want to see each Teen succeed.

7 Steps to Teen Licensing

Humble Teens get drivers license at Elite Driving School. Teen licenses in Atascocita, Summer Creek

We make drivers ed easy. Every step of the way an Elite Associate guides you through the Teen drivers ed labyrinth (lol). Check out our 7 easy steps to Licensing guide below and don't hesitate to call us at 281-446-2608.

  1. 32 Classroom Hours ($375)
  2. Teen Permit (DPS)
  3. In-Car (14 Hours / S2D $16.99)
  4. BTW with Parent (30 /10)
  5. ITTD Requirement (Free)
  6. Road Test Phase W/Elite $100
  7. Teen Provisional license 


Texas GDL for Teen Drivers

Teen Licensing begins with Elite and the class and in car instruction. Teen drrivers ed.

New Drivers ages 14 to 24 must take teen drivers ed course to receive a Texas Drivers License. This is part of the Graduated Driver Licensing Requirements or GDL. 

Elite Driving School in Humble on Atascocita Rd wants Parents and Teens to be informed about Teen Driver laws, so we have included a GDL Link and GDL video, to explain State requirements. If you would like more clarity contact Elite and our friendly representatives will be happy to help! 

Don't hesitate to call us at 281-446-2608. 

Learn to save a life with CPR $50


Become CPR certified with EMS Safety CPR course. This course will train students in Life Saving techniques. 

Teen Course Schedule

Elite Driving School Humble Teen Drivers Ed course schedule for 2019. Elite Teen Courses 2019.

Teen Drivers Ed requires both classroom and in car instruction. Teens are eligible for their Permit after the third day of class if they pass their written exam and pay in full for their course. Many families utilize the payment plan and get their Teens' Permit toward the end of the 32 hr class. Texas Teen must keep their Permit for 6 months before they can schedule the driving test. During this time Teens begin the driving instruction and scheduling new sessions every Tuesday using our scheduling site at www.schedule2drive.com. Everyone logging on between 5pm and 8pm on Tuesday is guaranteed to see an open session. 

Additional Teen Drivers Ed Information

Teen Schedule


Teen 2018/2019 Schedule. If you are interested in a class month or time that is not listed contact us at 281-446-2608. If you have 10 or more Teens, we can accommodate a special class time, this ideal for sporting teams, clubs and schools on modified schedules. 

Elite Curriculum

Teen drivers learning to drive at Elite Driving SCHOOL

Our driving school curriculum is approved by the State of Texas. It teaches Teens to share the roadway with other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians by driving defensively, intelligently and cooperatively. 

Elite Instructional Vehicles

Elite Driving School Teen drivers ed instruction vehicles. Teens learn to drive in this vehicle.

Elite Driving instruction vehicles are equipped with a Passenger side break and mirrors giving the Instructor a view of the vehicles surroundings. Our vehicles meet State safety standards and are comfortable for Teens. 

Teen In Car 14 Hours Instruction

Teen drivers education at Elite. Teens do 14 hours of in car instruction.

14 hours of Instruction allows Teens to receive personally tailored driving instruction for 7 hours and to observe driving technique, road hazard identification and response for 7 hours. For nearly 12 weeks Teens will schedule a driving lesson every Tuesday on our scheduling website. Upon completion each Teen attends a Licensing meeting guiding them through all steps to get licensed. 

Elite Driving Instructors

Elite Teens safe driving art project. Drivers Ed in Humble Tx for Teens

We are eager to help students become safe drivers. Elite Driving Instructors are licensed by TEA to provide Teen Drivers Ed. We are approved by the State of Texas, background checked and trained in the Elite Driving Education system. Our Instructors are approachable and interested in meeting your family’s driving education school needs. Our Instructors work in the school system as Educators, Counselors, Principals and even Transportation Professionals. We specialize in working with students with different learning styles, personalities and even disabilities. We strive to empower students with the tools to drive safely. Elite Driving Instructors are Road Test Examiner Certified by the TXPS. We offer the Road Skills Test to all eligible Teen Drivers. 

Teen Concierge Services


Drivers Ed takes time but there are ways to expedite drive sessions, document processing time and secure After hours assistance. These options are concierge services. These services include a Fast Pass ($155) for quick 14 in car hours completion, same day document fee ($50), or 2 day document fee for $25. 

Teen GDL simplified!

Check out this great video explaining the Teen Graduated Driver Licensing program that all Texas Teens must follow to obtain and maintain their Drivers License. 

Teen Application - Complete Form then pay using same email!

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Apply here or Better yet, Come see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Elite Drivers Ed in Humble

Elite Driving School, 2325 Atascocita Rd, Humble, Texas 77396, United States




By Appointment


Teen Drivers Ed (plus PP Fee)


($11.25 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This course includes 32 class hours at our driving school and 14 in car hours to be completed after Teen gets permit. 


Teen Drivers Ed Payment Plan 4 payments of $100 (plus PP Fee)


($3.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Take a month to pay off your Teens Drivers Ed Course. Start by reserving your Teens spot with a $100 deposit, then pay $100 on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Monday's of the 32 hr classroom portion of the course. After full payment your Teen will be able to get their permit and begin the 14 hrs of in car instruction. 


Elite Payment Option $200 (Plus PP Fee)


($6.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Make 2 payments at once with this $200 payment option. 


No Show / Doc. Fee (+ PP Fee)


($0.75 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pay your no show fee or purchase a duplicate green or purple certificate. Please note that it take 2 business days to prepare docs not expedited. After paying fee please email us at elitedriving.ed@gmail.com indicating student and email address used to pay fee. 


Elite In Car Only (+3% PP Fee)


($8.40 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Transfer to Elite 14 HR In Car Instruction and let our Licensed and Experienced Instructors teach your Teen to drive. Download the transfer guide and pay the $280 fee. Submit paperwork & pay $16.99 to set up session scheduling.